2nd Years Elections for the 2014-2015 academic year

Given the huge challenges LAM will face this year, we have decided to add one additional position, Event Manager. Please see the proposals below!


President: María Claudia Perera

I am from Venezuela and over the last decade my country has suffered from government inefficiency. The national institutions are weakened, violence is unparalleled and legitimate work opportunities are scarce. I am conscious that between the countries in Latin America there is great similarity as each nation, at their pace, have undergone and overcome similar obstacles. Therefore, we need to exchange experiences to speed up the process of development, growth and democracy in our countries and all the region. We need to propel the debate, the discussion of the main issues we are facing. Prepare ourselves to face the economic, social and political challenges we have, and make a difference.
The integration and cooperation between the present and future leadership is a key aspect for the defense of the system through the region. And this can happen from a process of intellectual exchange among young people, and creating bonds where we can build bridges and strengthen mechanisms for communication between all. I want to run for president because I want to work towards our unity and development. Moreover, I believe my experience as a board member last year can contribute to give continuity to the successful projects from the past, as well as to bring new ideas based on lessons learned.  
  • Generate discussions between members: biweekly sessions on Latin American Matters. Understand what is going on in the region, and what could be our contribution.
  • Bring democratic leaders from different countries in the region to talk about their experience and vision on issues in which we can make a change.
  • Create a professional network between students in other universities so we can:
    • Have access to more academic resources.
    • Create joint events of huge impact.
    • Be connected and under constant communication to work under the same goals for the development of Latin America.


Treasurer: Fiorella Squadritto

During this year as secretary of LAM I gained so much experience, learned a lot about Latin America but I think we could have done a better job engaging our members, hosting more events thought by and for the members and we could have learned even more about each others countries. I would love to have the chance to improve LAM this year, but now as Treasurer, where I believe I can generate more opportunities for LAM to grow and become the LAM we all want.

Like many of you I realize that Latin American issues are not being discussed as they should at our school, considering the large presence of Latin American students. I want to promote a collaborative environment where we can built upon each other experiences and backgrounds a constructive discussion about topics that are important to us and share the with Harris community.

For those of you that do not know me, I’m a Chilean economist by profession and a school teacher by passion. I came to Harris to impact in Chilean public policy and hopefully become a policy maker myself. Now more than ever I have realized how similar and how close all Latin American countries are.


General Secretary:Lina Rossi

My name is Lina Rossi, I am from Colombia and I’m running for Secretary General. I worked as the deputy Secretary of LAM during the past year and I have learned the importance and impact that we can have when we do our job.

I want to continue to work for Latin American students at Harris and I want to strengthen the relationship between students, and also between students and possible employers. I will like to build on current activities, such as the LAM policy forum, and create a more inclusive organization in order to bring Latin America’s topics to our discussions as students.

I want to participate in making LAM the best group and scenario, so in the short term we can contribute towards the development and implementation of public policies that foster growth and development in Latin American countries. I am certain that my lessons during this first year as Secretary Deputy will help me to do a very good job as Secretary General and I hope to continue to support the LAM team.


Alumni Relations: Fernanda Díaz de la Vega

I would like to be part of the LAM Board for 2014-2015 by taking the Alumni Relations position. I believe that we need to build a strong Latin American Network that will help us transition back into the real LatAm world and that will allow us to keep solid personal relationships in the future. I would like to take advantage of my position as a Fellow of the Chicago Fellowship Mexico, which was created by Mexican alumni, to develop a mechanism that allows for mentorship and coaching from alumni to current students. I am certain that LAM can serve a link between present and future policy leaders and I am committed to make this happen. So, vote for me as your Alumni Relations representative!


Events Manager: Luis Navarro

I am Luis Navarro. Last year I served as Secretary-General of PPSA. During our administration we yielded several positive outcomes through the commitment and engaging participation of all of us who were part of this Student Organization. The experience I gained helping with the coordination of different social, academic and cultural events have led me to pursue a position in the Latin American Matter´s board. I would like to strengthen the ties of LAM members and contribute to this organization´s cohesion and scope.

For the latter, in the 2014 elections I would like to run for the Event Manager position. From there, I would like to foster student´s participation and involvement in relevant issues that concern all us Latin Americans. Through the organization of attractive activities and events, as well as with a more collaborative and friendly environment, I am sure that we can make LAM a much more impactful organization, and represent our region interests´ from an academic, cultural and a social perspective.





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