First Year Elections

Hector Dox- Running for Career and Alumni Relations Deputy

My name is Hector Dox, a Puerto Rican student, and, now your fellow first year MPP classmate. I hereby present my interest in serving as part of the first year board of Latin America(n) Matters as Deputy in Career and Alumni Relations. As Latin Americans who have traveled far to further our careers in public service, we have a profound understanding and appreciation of the value derived from being part of a diverse and inclusive community. Through the duties of this position I hope to help maintain and further LAM’s inclusion of professionals from the academic, public, private and nonprofit sector, who once stood where we stand today. By facilitating the interaction of our student organization with alumni, we help secure exposure to prominent role models in our fields. The insight that these professionals provide helps us understand how the education and skills we here obtain will be applied throughout our careers. However, beyond reinforcing a network of valuable connections, it is my intention to stimulate the flow of information to and from these professionals. Through your support, I hope we may share in the believe that this exchange not only refines Public Policy education at the Harris School, but also promotes innovative solutions to contemporary issues that affect the lives of people across borders.

Manuel Aragonés -Running for Secretary Deputy

I am from Latin America, a region with enormous growth potential, vast natural endowments, enviable demographic profile, and people full of life and passion. Unfortunately, this greatness hasn’t been fully translated into a more robust, equal and just society.

In that sense, I want to be part of Latin America(n) Matters. As General Secretary, I will promote an alliance of policymakers interested in our region, and I will also design and implement a strategy to improve our positioning as Harris students. I have more than 6 years experience in consultancy for public, private and non profit institutions. I also worked as Manager for Strategic Initiatives at Infonavit, the largest mortgage issuer in Latin America and the largest pension fund manager in Mexico.

As policymakers, we will be at the forefront of the battle to push policies that will drive Latin America into a more productive, competitive and dynamic region, while at the same time reduce inequality and increase the opportunities of those most underprivileged. Latin America requires us to work together in order to position ourselves in key areas that will allow us to transform our region.

Carolina Agurto- Running for Deputy Treasurer

My name is Carolina Agurto. I am a Peruvian economist. Before coming to Harris, and in the past 5 years, I worked as a policy analyst for the Peruvian Government, first, in the National Competition Agency and, then, in the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
During the time I worked for the Peruvian Government, I had the privilege to be part of the official negotiation team of Free Trade Agreements. This gave me the opportunity to learn closely a lot of Latin-American countries, the challenges they are facing and will face in the future, as well as the spaces of improvement in many policy sectors.
Another great part of my work and research experience has been dedicated to evaluate and propose better mechanisms for the policy making process in Latin-American countries, adjusting the good practices of developed countries to the Latin-American realities. In particular, I was able to participate in projects related to improve transparency and accountability in the public sector, cost-benefit/effectiveness in public policy implementations, among others.
Taking into account those inputs, I would like to run for Deputy Treasurer in LAM and be able to help and support all LAM members in achieving goals that will benefit the group as a whole. In this sense, I want to promote not only a good administration of the funds available, but also an active role of LAM members in searching and working for funds, taking advantage of the network of current and previous members of LAM. Also, I would like to promote a “public participative” budget where all LAM members can have a space to discuss the prioritization of expenditure, and a constant review of funds allocation to activities that could fit more and more the necessities and cover the interests of LAM members.

Sebastian Rivas- Running for Media Deputy

I’m convinced that communications are one of the most important parts of the work for any organization. There are a lot of challenges, because of the different levels that you have to reach to have a successful strategy. As a journalist, I can help to create and implement a system that will try to cover that aspects and improve the ways to get involved.
I think that the main challenges in the Communications Area in LAM are three: how do you take advantage of the great network of members that we have, find ways to keep people in Harris and UChicago informed and interested of our events, discussions and resources, and reach other universities, organizations and media to make partnerships that allow us to show our activities in the best possible way.
Communications has also a big role in keeping everyone involved. I have talked with many of you, and I know that you have great ideas and expectations for LAM and your time at UChicago. I strongly believe that we have to work together to achieve that goals.
Furthermore, I feel that with LAM we have the opportunity and the responsability of putting Latin American issues over the table, at Harris and beyond. Finding ways to let people know our work is really important to achieve that.

Diego Castillo-Running for Deputy President

Fellow LAM members, I would like to convey my interest in representing you as Deputy President.
Being elected as LAM representative for first-year students would be an honor, but more importantly a commitment to all of you. As president I will do my absolute best to see that our academic goals and professional ambitions are met through a carefully tailored agenda that is both relevant and meaningful.
The greatest strength of LAM lies in all of us. LAM’s core goes beyond academic and professional ties, it is our friendship and desire to make the Latin American voice be heard that brings us together and makes us unique. Let us exploit this priceless source of strength so we can together achieve great things.
I envision LAM as a horizontal organization in which every voice will be heard and every vote weighs no less. LAM will operate as a team and the diversity of backgrounds, nationalities, and opinions is our greatest source of richness.
I encourage all of you reach out. Express your interests, share your goals, and help us shape LAM in such a way that allows us to create meaningful events, invite relevant policymakers, and create a valuable network that can help us position our members in internships and full-time positions.
In all of you I see prepared, driven, committed, organized, talented and ambitious professionals; but more importantly, I see friendships. Allow me to represent you this academic year and I will give you my very best to align our resources towards making our experience at Chicago Harris as rewarding as we all wish for.
LAM is the opportunity for all of us to be heard.
Let me be that medium that magnifies our voices.

Daniel Lopez -Running for Career and Alumni Relations Deputy

My name is Daniel Lopez and I’m applying to the Alumni Relations position at LAM. I’m a Colombian Lawyer that have been working for the last 10 years as the Main Political Advisor for the Government, and some private companies in their relationship with local and national Government, and with the National Congress. That has given me the opportunity to relate with different personalities in the public policy world, as well as to get to know main policy issues that not only my country, but also countries in the region, have as main topics and objectives to advance in the path of developing our countries and our Latin American Region.

Today, Latin America is transforming into the most important place for international investors, due to its solid and sustained economic growth, especially the one that we have achieved during the last decade.

That is why it is vital for ourselves, as future Latin American leaders, to have the opportunity not only to study in one of the most prestigious international universities, but also gain importance in the opportunities that studying in UChicago has to offer us. Sadly, we don’t have the channels to exploit that.

As the Alumni Relations Officer, I will look to create an important network of Latin American Alumni that can help us fulfill our goals that brought us to Harris in the first place. We need to see Harris not only as our Grad School, but also as the gathering point for Latin Americans that want to improve their countries, their region, and position the Latin American voice in the most important international forums.

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